22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion


The Municipal Health And Wellness Secretariat Curitiba, the International Union for Health And Wellness Promotion and also Education and their companions are looking forward to organizing this essential global public health and wellness promo event. The 22nd IUHPE World Meeting on Wellness Promo will certainly happen in Curitiba, Brazil.

The objective is to develop a global online forum where researchers, practitioners as well as policy manufacturers associated with and also concerned concerning the promo of health and equity will share and talk about new expertise, technologies in practice and also plan and also cutting side experience.

Thematic scope

Regardless of immediate calls for federal governments in all degrees to do something about it on the social factors of wellness such as the circulation of sources and power, the void between those at the top and also those of all-time low of social hierarchies is still growing. The focus of worldwide wealth into a significantly restricted proportion of individuals has gotten to an unmatched level.

The health impacts of such a concentration are visible internationally with worldwide contrasts revealing that population health in wealthy countries is still improving pushing the limits of human lifespan to unchartered regions, whereas that in the poorest and most topsy-turvy nations is regressing.

Health and wellness effects are also really felt nationally and locally in our cities, neighbourhoods and towns where entire groups of people do not have accessibility to the fundamental resources with which to accumulate their own health which of their youngsters and also grandchildren.

  • Thirty years after the Ottawa Charter for Health and wellness Promo was adopted by individuals that committed „to tackle the inequities in health produced by (societiesâEUR ™) regulations and also techniques” as well as more than ever, equity ought to be a leading priority for health promotion plan manufacturers, practitioners, researchers and also their companions.
  • The 22nd IUHPE World Seminar on Health Promotion will certainly give a prompt possibility to examine progress, share techniques, exchange research outcomes and reflect on innovative techniques as well as policies that promote health and wellness and also equity, whatsoever levels of administration.

Below motifs

In order to discover thoroughly exactly how to advertise wellness and equity, as well as arising from one of the most ingenious and also current work in wellness promotion research, plan and also technique, the complying with sub themes will certainly structure the meeting program:

1 – Honest as well as cultural imperatives in treatments that advertise health and equity

Research study has actually shown that in issues of health and equity it is not real that size fits all. This sub motif contains three associated facets. First, to be reliable and fair all health and wellness promotion treatments need to be adapted to the historic, social, cultural and also ecological conditions that develop the context in which interventions are implemented.

  • This need for neighborhood adjustment increases important issues concerning making use of research study results to inform local treatments.
  • Secondly, although conceived as a necessary primary step to achieve a fundamental degree of human advancement, global programs that suggest the similar insurance coverage for all independently of their social positions are increasingly inspected for their impact on equity.
  • What are the advantages and withdraw associated with recommended and also speculative alternative services such as: proportional universalism, conditional assistance as well as cash money transfer, micro-credit organisations, as well as others.

Finally, current research has proposed that thinking about and applying treatments at a neighborhood and also population level elevates honest concerns that vary from those appropriate for scientific treatments. Is this really the situation? If of course, what are those problems and also just how can they be addressed in practice? The Conference will explore those and also other relevant inquiries.

2 – Urban adjustment to make distinctions locally, taking notice of emerging voices

„Health is created in your area where individuals live, function, play and also like.” This is just one of the basic proposals of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. Although we understand that the forces that form our cultures and the method social hierarchies are structured run well beyond the reach of private actions, it is in peopleâEUR ™ s homes, neighbourhoods and workplace that the concrete impact of those pressures are visible. They affect the quantity as well as high quality of sources offered daily for people to construct their wellness.

Alleviating the impact of those international trends by involving locally with people, including those whose voice is less seldom listened to, to improve their conditions has been just one of the pillars for health promotion interventions. Additionally as an exercise with long-term effect on regional settings, urban change can either aggravate or minimize the impact of the social components of health and wellness.

The Seminar will give possibilities to analyze progression as well as determine appealing opportunities for local and also urban change interventions as well as also examine whether as well as just how they contribute to advertising equity.


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