Deadline for Abstract Submission: Thursday, September 24, 2015


  • General guidelines for abstract submission
  • Topics for submission
  • Submission formats
  • Guidelines for abstract submission
  • Abstract Evaluation

General guidelines for abstract submission

Please use the following guidance to prepare your abstract for submission:

All abstracts must be submitted in final form no later than Thursday, September 24, 2015.

Before sending an abstract participants must pre-register at the conference website, and create a login and password. These will be required for abstract submission and follow-up for abstract evaluation. Click here to access the register form.

After pre-registration the participant will then need to login to his/her restricted area and access the menu „My abstracts” where abstracts will be posted directly using the specified form.

The Global Scientific Committee of the 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion is calling for the submission of abstracts suggesting symposia, workshops, oral papers/posters and alternative showings (Games, Video, Music, Dance, Theater, Handicraft, Mobile Apps) to be presented and discussed at the conference.

Topics for submission

We are calling for YOUR contributions relating to research, practice and policy in PROMOTING HEALTH AND EQUITY. Major areas of interest for the IUHPE and for which submissions are particularly invited (see list of keywords at the end of this page)

Areas related to the conference subthemes:

1. Ethical and cultural imperatives in interventions that promote health and equity
2. Urban change to make differences locally, paying attention to emerging voices
3. Health in all policy and intersectoral action: innovations in theory, evaluation and research
4. Pathways to achieve sustainable and healthy human development on a global scale
5. Creating shared research questions to bridging the research/practice gap
Areas related to IUHPE organizational priorities:

1. Social determinants of health
2. Non Communicable disease prevention and control
3. Health promotion in sustainable development
4. Health promotion systems
Areas related to IUHPE global working groups, networks and interest groups

1. Competency and workforce development
2 . Health impact assessment
3 . Health literacy
4 . Health promotion effectiveness
5 . Salutogenesis
6 . Social determinants of health
7 . Risk factor surveillance
8 . Academic programs
9. Research
10. Indigenous health
11. Healthy settings
12. Concepts, perspectives and approaches
Areas related to the development of health promotion research and practice

1. Theory and methods in research or evaluation
2. Policies and regulations/ governance
3. Issues for special populations/population groups
4. Intervention and implementation research
5. Information and communication technologies
6. Social media

Submission formats

There are four major formats for submission: 1) symposia, 2) workshop, 3) oral/poster presentations and, 4) alternative showings. All abstract submitters, including individual contributors are encouraged to interact and collaborate with other presenters and participants wherever possible. Participatory, collaborative and nontraditional session formats will be given priority in the selection process!


The convener must submit an abstract on the entire symposium, stating the general objective of the session, as well as the abstracts and contact details for each presentation in the symposium.
A symposium will consist of a set of integrated oral presentations relating to a particular topic. The total time allowed for a symposium will be 90 minutes, consisting of three to five presenters with a moderator to facilitate the discussion (variations will be considered). At least 45 minutes of the symposium should be dedicated to interaction with the audience. We encourage the submission of symposia in which presenters and moderators/discussants represent different areas, such as from policymaking, practice, and research. Diversity of gender and geographical representation is an asset.


The convener must submit an outline of the entire workshop, stating the general objective of the session, learning goals of the workshop, as well as the contact details of all co-organizers/session trainers (consisting of three to five co-organizers/session trainers).
A workshop will provide an opportunity for a group of participants either to receive training in a skill set (Skill Training Workshop) or to debate innovative ideas and challenging questions, identify areas for further action and/or develop suggestions as to how these ideas could be implemented in practice. A key element of a workshop is active participation by participants in the learning process. A workshop will involve a session coordinator, as well as several co-organisers/session trainers. Each session will last 90 minutes.


The presenter must submit an abstract, clearly indicate the thematic scope, keywords, and preference for presentation format (oral or poster), as well as his/her contact details. Most abstracts will be clustered according to content.
All selected abstract submitters applying in this category will be given the opportunity to present an oral paper (10-minute presentation and 5-minute Q&A) or poster (on-paper poster or projected electronic poster). Poster presenters will have pre-scheduled time slots for presentation and discussions with conference participants.

ALTERNATIVE SHOWINGS (maximum duration 20 minutes each)

Acknowledging that health promotion practitioners often develop innovative alternative material in support of intervention, this session provides developers an opportunity to share and discuss their material. Presenters must submit a complete description of the material to be presented (Games, Video, Music, Dance, Theater, Handicraft, Mobile Apps), including: the health promoting objectives; a synopsis of the scenario; the intended audience, the duration and intended use.
All selected submitters will have the opportunity to present their work in sessions with likewise alternative showings, followed by a discussion with the audience.

Guidelines for abstract submission

Multiple papers — Any presenter may submit more than one abstract. However, authors should not submit the same abstract to more than one session, whether it is a symposium, workshop, poster or oral presentation. Information presented must not be published prior to the IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion.

– All abstracts must be submitted through the Conference website  – restricted area and access the menu „Submissions” where abstracts will be posted directly using the specified form.
– Abstract submissions sent via FAX OR EMAIL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
– Choose one theme and three keywords from the list provided on the abstract submission system
– The abstract should contain up to 2500 characters (including spaces, but excluding the title and the name of authors and their institutions). Do not include tables or figures.
– Title, author(s) and his/her (their) institution(s) are indicated in specific fields of the form.
– Abstracts may be submitted in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese (the presentation must be made in the language of submission)
– Whenever appropriate structure your abstracts as follows: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions.

Introduction: Clearly state the purpose of the abstract
Methods: Describe your selection of observations or experimental subjects clearly
Results: Present your results in a logical sequence in text
Conclusions: Emphasize new and important aspects of the study and conclusions that are drawn from them
– All abstracts will be peer reviewed
– The notification of abstract acceptance by the Scientific Committee will be sent to the corresponding author via email. ONLY authors with accepted abstracts will receive the acceptance notification and instructions for preparation of the presentation during the conference.
– The submission process for symposia is slightly different from the others. Each individual abstract must be linked to the overall abstract for the entire symposium. Please carefully follow instructions on the submission system in order to ensure your symposium abstracts are correctly linked and submitted.
– For status enquiries, you can always access your restricted area at the website using your login and password

Abstract Evaluation

Each submission will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

• Originality and creativity
• Clarity of content
• Contribution to the knowledge base/evidence base to promoting health and equity
• Relevance and timeliness in terms of findings and conclusions
• Appropriateness for session format

Additional criteria for symposia and workshops
• Clarity of learning goals/anticipated outcome
• Diversity of gender and geographical representation

Submission will be evaluated by a group of experts in health promotion.


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