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The 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion

Started in 1951, in Paris, the Health Promotion World Conferences promoted by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE), have become the main event for professionals, researchers, managers and other stakeholders in this issue, being held in different regions of the world. However, in all this time, only one event was held in South America, in Buenos Aires, in 1969.

The current context is appropriate for the debate around the promotion of health. Major international forums have stressed the establishment of links between health and other aspects related to human development in contemporary societies. In addition, changes in health and diseases distribution profiles, together with the acknowledgement of the limitations of a bio-medical model of attention and care, highlight the need for new approaches targeting at broad health determinants, and integrated public and inter-sectorial policies for health promotion.

In Brazil, the National Health Promotion Policy, which completes 10 years in 2016, targets promoting equity and quality of life, reducing vulnerability and health risks stemming from social, economic, political, cultural and environmental determinants that influence the health of individuals and groups. ThePolicy stresses the importance of intra and inter-sectorial cooperation, of large-scale social participation and of territorializing practices for the purpose of recognizing and addressing particularities and diversity in defining priorities of health promotion actions. From this standpoint, Brazilian states and cities, like Curitiba, have formulated local health promotion policies, reinforcing strategies in driving intra and inter-sectorial approaches in order to promote sustainable changes on health of their populations.

The Municipal Secretariat of Health of Curitiba, Brazil, is the local promoter of the Conference, with support from the Brazilian Collective Health Association (Associação Brasileira de Saúde Coletiva – ABRASCO) and a large number of stakeholder institutions. Located in the Southern Region of Brazil, Curitiba is recognized as one of the country’s best-organized and most prosperous metropolis. Its innovative approach to the integration of public policies targeted at sustainable human development, with impact on health and equity, has received worldwide recognition. The city is a reference in urban administration, public transportation, environment and health.

Brazil and Latin America’s social, cultural and political diversity will be explored during the Conference as aninput for the discussion of new ideas. Curitiba’s experience in running integrated health promotion policies will provide a background for the exchange of experiences from a local perspective that can later be deployed in different international settings.
This context, and supported by the diversity of perspectives promoted by the participation of specialists from a wide range of sectors of international society, will enable attendees of the 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion to discuss innovative and effective actions in responding to the challenges raised by the international agenda in promoting health and equity.


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