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IUHPE Conference
Started in 1951, in Paris, the Health Promotion World Conferences promoted by the International Union for ...

The International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) is a unique worldwide association of individuals...

The Brazilian Association of Collective Health (Associação Brasileira de Saúde Coletiva – Abrasco), is...

About Curitiba
Founded in 1693, Curitiba is the capital of Paraná, one of the three southern states of Brazil. Today, together with the 28...


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Meet the formats of the Conference Sessions

Oral presentation sessions are composed of five (and in a few exceptional cases, six) individual presentations. You will have 15 minutes to present your work. There will be 15 minutes at the end for a general discussion.

Conversation circles are interactive sessions designed to encourage cross-pollination and the generation of new ideas and perspectives. Circles bring together 20 speakers on a common theme for a moderated discussion. The moderator may solicit you for insights on how your work contributes to the knowledge base, what challenges and opportunities are emerging, or other questions.

Poster walks bring together 16 presentations on a common theme. A moderator will walk a group comprised of the poster authors and audience from poster to poster. You will have 3 minutes to present your poster and 2 minutes to answer questions. Poster should be in paper or canvas format, standard size of 120cm high and 90 cm wide .

Physical posters are put up at the beginning of the designated morning and taken down at the end of the day. You will stand by your poster during the coffee breaks and lunch to present your work and answer questions.

Dynamic electronic posters have been specially selected to take advantage of the animation possibilities of Powerpoint. Your Powerpoint should be around 3 minutes long. It will be on auto-play throughout the day for which it has been selected.

Electronic posters take the form of a single Powerpoint slide that will be displayed on screens throughout each day.

Further instructions will be available soon on the conference website.






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