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Social Equity Circuit - May 23 -

This circuit aims to show health promotion policy and practice focusing on social equity of Curitiba’s population. These actions are undertaken through the Curitiba Government Plan’s Gateway to the Future Program (Portal do Futuro), which aims to strengthen the trajectories of young people in search of a better quality of life, so that they are the true protagonists of a collective construction that raises their self-image, their sense of belonging and effective social inclusion. You will also learn about the health promotion activities of the Social Action Foundation, whose mission is to coordinate and implement social assistance policy in Curitiba, for the social protection of families and individuals experiencing risk and social vulnerability. Moreover, you will discover health promotion strategies developed by the “Pastoral da Criança” movement who has the vision to work for a world without preventable maternal and child deaths and where all children, even the most vulnerable, live in an environment favorable to their development.

During the bus ride, you will see and discuss various places involved with the theme of Social Equity, such as the Social Assistance Reference Centers, Maternity, etc., but without stopping to visit. The stops are described below:
The Museum of Life was created in 2014 by Pastoral da Criança in Curitiba and consists of a cultural space, interactive, meetings and knowledge production. With learning environments and collections related to the promotion of health, nutrition, education and citizenship, the Museum has centered on the experience of Pastoral’s work with pregnant women, children from zero to six and their families. The organization has more than 30 years of experience in Brazil and the world, in partnership with universities, scientific societies, government agencies and civil society. In the museum the knowledge and experiences of communities are also represented, making the space an important source of culture, research and dissemination of knowledge. The place has six permanent exhibitions and two open spaces that promote harmony with nature and free play.
The Social Condominium Republic is a new service in Brazil that opened in 2014 in Curitiba. Coordinated by the Social Action Foundation of the City of Curitiba, the condo’s goal is to support people in the streets seeking to regain autonomy and to reintegrate into society and the labor market. The Social Condo Republic has 37 residents, all with either formal employment or about to start their activities. All receive counseling. The idea is that the condominium management happens in a shared manner and therefore the bylaws are decided in partnership between the staff of the Social Action Foundation and residents. The condominium has 18 apartments (with or without bathroom) with beds, wardrobes and dressers. There are also living spaces, a communal kitchen, a library and open space. The cleaning and organizing of the condominium is done by the residents on a system of exchange.
The Gateways to the Future Program is designed for Curitiba youth with the aim of enhancing the trajectories of young people in search of a better quality of life so that they are the true protagonists of a collective construction that celebrates their positive image, their belonging and effective social inclusion.

Number of visits = 2 afternoons (05/23/16 and 05/25/16)
Number of spaces = 30 spaces per afternoon X 2 = 60 spots in total

13:30 – Departure from Positivo University
14:10 - Visit to the Ministry of Life Children‘s Museum
16:00 - Visit to the Social Condo
17:30 - Return to Positivo University





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