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Healthcare Circuit - May 24

This circuit aims to show health promotion policies and programs within the healthcare network in Curitiba. These actions are developed with the leadership of the Municipal Health Department of Curitiba, whose mission is to ensure and improve access quality, equity and humanization for care in a timely, full and solvability of the health needs of the population, the network SUS services (Health System) in Curitiba. SUS-Curitiba now has a consolidated network of health services that serves a population of 1,848,943 ( IBGE 2013). It has 141 services, including 109 health units (41 primary health care, 66 primary health care/family health and 2 Units for specialities), nine Emergency Care units, twelve Psychosocial Care centers, five specialized units, two specialized dental clinics, two hospitals, one Clinical Analysis Laboratory, one Vaccine Center, six therapeutic residences, one Zoonosis Center and 67 Health Spaces.
During the bus ride, you will see and discuss some of the health infrastructure that forms the Municipal Care Network of Curitiba, but without stopping to visit. The stops are described below:
During the visit to the Municipal Health Unit you will learn about health promotion actions developed by the Family Health Strategy and the Family Health Support Center teams in the community and in a Health Space (belonging to the Municipal Health Unit). We will also visit a school where a community health promotion initiative is being carried out with the school as part of the School Health Program.

Number of visits = 2 afternoons (24 and 05/25/16)
Number of spaces = 30 spaces per visit X 2 = 60 spots total

13.30 – Departure from Positivo University
14:20 - Visit to the Municipal Health Unit:
- Health Space (Family Health Support Center activities, meetings of local councils);
- School participating in School Health Program: community intervention on oral health;
- Community programs in social structures promoted by Community Health Agents , professionals from the Family Health Support Center and teams from the Family Health Strategy;
17:30 - Return to Positivo University





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