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Food/Nutrition Security and Adequate, Healthy and Sustainable Food Circuit- May 24

This circuit aims to show policies, programs and strategies in the area of food and nutrition security, as well as health promotion actions for Adequate, Healthy and Sustainable Food in Curitiba. These actions are developed with the role of the Municipal Provisions Department of Curitiba, whose mission is to sustain the food supply and provide nutrition education, with the goal of improving the nutritional status of the population of Curitiba, focusing on those who are experiencing social risk.
During the bus ride, various initiatives will be shown and discussed, such as the Popular Restaurant, community gardens, etc., but without stopping to visit. Stops for visits will be made to the programs described below:
The Green Exchange Program is a local policy to combat hunger, which covers issues such as waste, income generation, ecological preservation and incentives for producers’ organizations. Institutional purchasing derives from trading with producers’ associations that organize small and medium farmers in the metropolitan region through the Paraná Producers Federation. Funds to buy food come from the budget of the Municipal Department of the Environment. One direct result of the program has been to sell the Curitiba Metropolitan Region’s crop surplus in local markets, helping to improve the quality of food of low-income populations, while also contributing to the improvement and preservation of the environment. The operationalization of the Green Exchange program is the exchange of recyclable garbage for green produce. Four kilos of trash is worth one kilo of fruits and vegetables. Vegetable and animal oil can also be exchanged: every 2 liters of oil is worth 1 kg of food. The exchange is carried out fortnightly in service points distributed throughout in the city of Curitiba, according to an annual calendar established by the Municipal Environment and Supply Departments.
The Family Warehouse Program consists of strategic fixed supply points installed in units in the outskirts of Curitiba, neighborhoods and bus terminals, where food and cleaning and hygiene products are sold. The stores sell merchandise at prices 30% lower on average than the formal market.
The Organic Market is located in the Municipal Market, which was founded on August 2, 1958 and today is the main and most traditional place to shop in Curitiba. In the stalls of produce and in delicatessens, the consumer will find various products. You can enjoy a pleasant meal in the ethnic restaurants in the food court, a meeting point of several generations of Curitiba citizens.
The “Our Fair” Program has the distinction of setting a fixed price per kilogram of fruit and vegetables sold directly by farming cooperatives. “Our Fair” has 10 points of sale in Curitiba, but only one location will be visited.

Number of visits = two afternoons (24 and 05/25/16)
Number of places = 30 places by late afternoon X 2 = 60 positions in total

Tuesday (24/05/2016)
13.30 – Departure from Positivo University
14:20 - Green Exchange
15:00 – Family Warehouse
15h30 - Organic Market
16:30 - Our Fair
17:30 - Return to Positivo University





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